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Even the best locks tend to get a bit "rusty" or hard to operate over time. This is cause by the pins that actually sit inside the lock. Those pins determine whether the inserted key is the one that will unlock the door and allow the person inside, or whether it's the wrong key and the door should remain locked. After many years of use, these pins can fall and slip a bit, causing the door to be increasingly difficult to unlock. This process only works in one direction and eventually, the lock will simply not respond to any key at all.

When that happens, Lakewood Lock & Key is the business to call. Be sure to contact us as soon as the lock begins to fail, however, as it's never too early to reset the lock's pins and ensure that it can remain convenient of many more years to come.

Our professional team can arrive on location in mere moments with the tools needed to re-key a lock and eliminate a large source of frustration for our customers.

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