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About Us | Lakewood Lock & Key - Long Beach, CA

Lakewood Lock & Key opened it's doors to Long Beach customers because we believed that we could add significant value to the locksmith industry for those in the local area. All too often, we found that competing locksmith companies were prohibitively expensive, slow to arrive, and presented more of a nightmare to customers than a solution to their problems. It has been our goal since we opened our doors initially to be significant counterweight to that type of experience.

Prompt Arrival On Location, Every Single Time

One thing that we have been determined to accomplish since we first began serving local customers in Long Beach is to merely arrive in an instant when and where our services are required. That sounds pretty basic, and it actually is, but it's not very common. In fact, most customers in Long Beach and around the country have long associated inconvenient wait times with the services of those who can fix locks and solve other problems. When it comes to prompt arrival and quick service, there is simply no better option than Lakewood Lock & Key.

Affordable Rates are a Key Part of Our Business

While we have always aspired to be the most convenient option available to our customers, we've long believed that our services should be easily affordable by people in any situation. To that end, we've worked to improve how efficiently, and we're proud to consistently offer the best combination of great service and accessible pricing for a wide variety of customer problems and requests.

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